"Every economic system doesn’t honour knowledge unless it is linked with competence – simple, practical, sustainable. By this motto comforce is geared  to the needs and gaols of their clients."

Comforce supports executives and employees in their behaviour and their individual demeanour to enable them to rise to their challenges in a consciously active and highly motivated way.

Our activities are aimed at directly affecting motivation and self-confidence of employees — re-connecting to authenticity for success.


comforce Online-Training

In our challenging times, there are three types of entrepreneurs:

  1. some act so that something new comes into being.
  2. others observe what happens.
  3. others wait and then wonder what has happened.

For all entrepreneurs who want to act and create something new, we are ready with our exciting, practical and sustainable online trainings. We consistently focus on your goals and train your managers and employees so that they tackle their challenges in a motivated, entrepreneurial and consistent manner.


Public comforce trainings:

13.10.2021 Sales Training
14.10.2021 Management Training
05.10.2021 Sales Training
02.02.2022 Sales Training
03.02.2022 Management Training
19.10.2021 Sales Training
21.10.2021 Management Training
Region Lucerne
09.09.2021 Management Training
30.09.2021 Sales Training
15.02.2022 Management Training
16.03.2022 Sales Training
00Management Training
01.10.2021 Management Training
03.02.2022 Top Management Training
15.03.2022 Management Training
01.09.2021 Management Training
02.09.2021 Sales Training
06.10.2021 Sales Training
21.10.2021 Management Training



Inner independence, self-responsibility and persistent success in a world of constant change are evidence of true self-competence. The basis for achieving this self-competence is the process of consciously sparring with yourself. In order to get a holistic perception of self it is essential to deal with questions such as  Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I heading?  The aim is finding your individual way to take decisions self-consciously, living up to and freeing your self!