Selling successfully!

But how? By consistently training all activities relevant for success in sales. You will develop personal composure during every phase of a sale – from the very first eye contact, through the close and on to optimal customer care. Using these principles, you will seem more authentic, competent and give the customer the greatest possible security in your relationship management.

Training – focal points

Having the right frame of mind is the most important prerequisite for successful sales. You will fundamentally change your interaction with the customer and thus your effect on them. Every customer immediately recognises whether a salesman believes in themselves, in their products and their company and whether they are looking for a long-term investment or just a quick sale. If a salesman can use the right attitude and convincing behaviour to positively affect a customer, resulting in a further recommendation, then the foundations for success will have been laid.


For a six day interval-training you invest CHF 4'200.- per person, incl. documents, lunch and refreshments during the breaks (non-alcoholic beverages), plus 7.7 % VAT (MwSt).

1st day, Thursday 22 August 2024
2nd day, Wednesday 11 September 2024
3rd day, Tuesday 22 October 2024
4th day, Monday 18 November 2024
5th day, Wednesday 18 December 2024
6thday, Wednesday 22 January 2025

Location: D4 Business Village Luzern, Platz 4, 6039 Root D4,