The manager as a Coach

Only those able to support their employees, developing their strengths and reducing their weaknesses, are going to encourage committed and responsible co-workers.
Gain success by helping others to be successful.

Training - focal points

A good manager also supports their employees as a coach. They know that every individual brings strengths and weaknesses along with them. Your duty is to get the best out of your employees. This attitude towards employees and co-workers provides the fundament for a successful manager. The training’s focal points are to look at the roll of managers as coaches, consider their duties and to observe and define their specific function. Participants will also learn how to confidently communicate with their employees and how to increase their motivation.


For a six day interval-training you invest CHF 4'800.- per person, incl. documents, lunch and refreshments during the breaks (non-alcoholic beverages), plus 7.7 % VAT (MwSt).

1st day, Thursday 29 August 2024
2nd day, Monday 16 September 2024
3rd day, Tuesday 15 October 2024
4th day, Thursday 14 November 2024
5th day, Thursday 05 December 2024
6th day, Tuesday 07 January 2025

Location: D4 Business Village Luzern, Platz 4, 6039 Root D4,